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We strive to build teamwork, fellowship, and technical competence while having fun and displaying gracious professionalism.

Mission Statement

As a FIRST Robotics Team, our goal is to inspire in young people, their school and community an appreciation of science and technology, and of how mastering these can enrich the lives of all.

Community Outreach

While keeping to a busy schedule of designing, building, and competing with robots is an integral component of the THS Robotics Team, so is Community engagement. Employing our mechanical buffalo mascot, Robi, we are commited to rallying the fans at Pep Rallies and home football games - along with our t-shirt launcher; supporting the THS Autism programs and Muscular Dystrophy with walks at the Phoenix Zoo and Tempe Town Lake; community outreach at the Tempe City Halloween Fair, Tempe Center for the Arts and Gilbert Senior Center; supporting STEM events like Tempe city's GEEK Night Out and Mesa's SciTech Festival; and supporting philanthropic efforts of the Support My Club organization.

Past Awards Include:

VEX - Judges Award 2012-13, 2014-15 and 2016-17

FTC - Judges Award 2011 and 2016

FRC - Imagery Award/AZ West Regional 2016; Teacher of the Year 2016 and

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