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FTC or FIRST Tech Challenge is one of the newer competitions within the FIRST organization. Started in 2006, it represents the "Junior Varsity Level of Competitive Sports for the Mind". Targeted at middle and high school aged students who participate as a team in cooperative association with other teams, it is a fast paced, high energy, experience that serves as a stepping stone to FRC or FIRST Robotics Competition. With a new challenge each year, the team has a more relaxed time frame to design, build, and test a functioning robot to meet the exacting specification necessary to pass safety and engineering inspections prior to competing at the local/regional level which are qualifying events for the World Competition held each year in April.

Team 2873, the RoboBuffs, have been participating at the Regional level for the past ninth years, making it to the Quarter Finals in four out of nine years. In 2010 we finished on the winning association and won the Innovation Award which qualified us to receive an invitation to attend the World Competition in Atlanta, GA. The trip back East was a great experience for our students, many of which had never been on an airplane before much less out of the state of Arizona. After some tough competition, we finished in the top ten percent of the eleven hundred teams that participated that year.

We are forever thankful to our corporate sponsors who, other the years, have made it possible to compete. Whether it's financial or in-kind supplies, these generous support organizations are having a tremendous impact on our high school students, and ultimately the community at large as these highly charged students go on to pursue careers in engineering and other technical areas. For a look at our current sponsors please click here.

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