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NURC 2010: Robot Jaime NURC 2013 Robot Photo - Water Buffalo
NURC 2010: Robot Adam

NURC Team Water Buffaloes

Note: 2013 was the last year NURC was held for High School Teams

A small but dedicated group of water buffaloes once again works to exceed prior years' attempts to build and compete in NURC.

A word about controls: in 2009 and 2010 we experimented with using a Wii-mote for control of the bot; it tested effective both on a land-based frame as well as in the underwater environment, but in 2011 we elected to return to a Logitech controller.

In the area of frame construction, we have experimenting with the use of 80/20 extruded metal for framing. This gave us great flexibilty in design and fabrication but we elected to return to using PVC to control costs.

NURC 2013 Season
Robot Documents

Robobuffs (Water Buffaloes) Awards / Placements

YearCompetition TitleScore
2014 NURCNo NURC this year
2013 NURCRescue from the Sargasso NebulaScored 342.4 for 5th Place
2012 NURCPleasantville XXScored 455.3 for 5th Place
2011 NURCTrouble on Ceti - Alpha 3Scored 386.4 for 2nd Place
2010 NURCNessie QuestScored 233 for 4th Place
2009 NURCMount Terror Fir Under the IceScored 430.1 for 8th Place
2008 NURCEbola OutbreakScored 83 for 8th Place

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Photos - 2010 Season (Show/Hide)

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